Second TV station now sharing resources for those impacted by gun violence in Philadelphia

Michelle Kerr-Spry of Mothers in Charge started the conversation about the need for support during a panel at the Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit. Photograph by Kriston Jae Bethel

Prompted by mothers who lost children to gun violence, several Philadelphia new organizations began sharing resource lists when reporting on shootings last fall and now CBS Philadelphia has joined the movement.

The idea came up during a panel at the Better Gun Violence Reporting Summit when participants pointed out that news organizations often share resources when reporting stories about suicide, domestic assault, sexual violence and addiction — but not when reporting on gun violence.

WHYY and Billy Penn took the lead, Resolve Philadelphia refined the process, and NBC Philadelphia got on board soon after.

Now, CBS Philly Managing Editor Manuel Smith has announced that his station is adopting the practice:

Read more about how this collaboration got started: A mom complains about gun violence stories. Philly journalists respond with resources

Here’s the core list in spreadsheet and printer-ready formats, along with a form to submit new resources: Resources for those affected by gun violence